Monday, 11 March 2013

A couple of silly mistakes

Happy Monday! I managed to get a surprising amount of sewing done over the weekend between celebrating a friend's birthday. The blouse is taking shape and so far I'm very pleased it with it. I did hit a minor problem when cutting out though. You'll probably laugh but I don't have enough fabric for the sleeves! However a quick purchase from The Village Haberdashery solved that. I just hope the fabric matches. 

I also didn't realise the fabric had a pattern until I looked closely when it was drying. It has seaweed and submarines on! See, look...

These photos also shows the blue better than the last ones. And here are my buttons. I couldn't resist them poking out of the basket as I walked by. 


  1. That is a great print. And hidden submarines! That makes it 100x better.

    1. Thanks Julianne - it was a great surprise to see them!


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