Wednesday, 27 March 2013


To assist with my many projects this year, I took a little time out to look for inspiration. Here are a few things that have struck me. Not quite a mood board but the beginning of my thinking I guess.

black lace
Pretty lace

natural colour blocking
Natural colour blocking

pale green eyelet
Ummm, eyelet

Please don't ask me what this plant is!

I adore this Batik fabric

And finally...

Who doesn't love Paddington?

What is your inspiration at the moment?


  1. The plant is a Caladium.

    My imagination has been caught lately by fabrics with textural color: things that are described as heather, melange or variegated; tweeds, and thin, multi-color stripes .

  2. Thanks for the plant name! I saw it a few years back and loved it but couldn't find the name.


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