Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bringing a bit of order

Every now and then I have this overwhelming desire to cleanse the flat. I get this feeling when I have been somewhere for a while or I feel that we have too much stuff for the space we have. I go through practically everything and very little is safe. It is time consuming but therapeutic!

Very little is safe? Yep, and this includes everything sewing related, from fabric and notions to books and patterns. In fact, this is probably what prompted the latest round as I'm slightly lazy in putting these items away as I use them so much. The biggest problem I had was with patterns. I trace my patterns as I will often have to grade between sizes and I also like the idea of keeping the originals in tact. So I set aside 30 minutes and went from this

Patterns pre organisation

to this

Patterns post organisation

Previously my traced patterns were rolled up, took up a lot of room and looked unsightly. I decided to carefully fold the pieces and store them with the original pattern in medium food bags. Each are labelled with the pattern name and company. They are then organised by type of garment. That's as organised as I''m going to get!

How do you store your patterns? 


  1. I did a switch-over from rolled patterns to folded into zip bags also a few months ago! Rolling was OK for me for the first year or so, but over time I'd just accumulated too many traced patterns to keep them all neat. So my organization looks almost exactly like yours!

    1. Zip bags are so useful - I use them for much more than just storing food! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who couldn't keep patterns rolled.

  2. I'm exactly the same. Those zip lock bags are a god send.


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