Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Four pieces of loveliness

I've had a few lovely things arrive recently, both physically and electronically and I had to share them with you. 

I want to be a turtle clothing label set

First up, did you see the label giveaway offered by Madalynne? I was lucky enough to win it! This was my first giveaway win and I was so excited. I had been thinking about getting labels produced for my clothes and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. The lovely Becky from Beckamade took my design and printed it onto fabric. They arrived today and I just love them. I'm thinking this will be a nice, late addition to my Anise and all future projects!

I want to be a turtle clothing label

I had ordered a couple of patterns from Sewbox and they arrived promptly with a little surprise. Check out these buttons! I can't see them on their site, but I hope they do start stocking them as I can see me buying more. 

Pink heart buttons

Then I won my second giveaway, the one hosted by Sam at A Little of What You Fancy. She's going to send me an turtle! You can see some of her work here - aren't they great?! Again, I was thrilled again. You see, I rarely win anything, even on raffles, so this is exciting for me. 

Just one last thing to share. I was sitting with a cup of tea, reading the many blog posts I had to catch up (I always do this with a cup of tea!) when I saw that Kelly at Make, sew, do had given me my second Liebster Award - thanks Kelly! This time I'll be breaking the rules as I won't be nominating any others. I had a hard time trying to find ones last time who hadn't received it recently. 

Have you had any good surprises recently?


  1. Congratulations! I love it when nice little things like that happen. And I LOVE your turtle labels! So cute!

    1. Little things like this just make my day! I'm glad you like the labels.

  2. What a lot of lovely little things you've had happen. I LOVE your labels! I think I need some gorgeous labels for myself now.

    I'll be working on your turtle later this week. x

  3. They labels really are gorgeous - though I am tempted to ask "why do you want to be a turtle"? I assume it's because you like being in your own shell - I mean this nicely, some of us are introverts (I am as well:)).

  4. I just found out - you saw one laying eggs - that must have been magical :)

    1. It was very special! A few people have asked this question recently. I've not thought about being in my own shell though - I guess that is part of it. Hmmm...more food for thought!

  5. What a great lot of prizes! I bet that turtle is going to be amazing. Her work is just lovely.


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