Sunday, 15 June 2014

Giveaway: Sewing Patterns

This weekend I was lucky enough to be gifted an enormous bag of fabric, some sewing books and a lot of patterns. They came from someone I don't know, but Adam's mum caught them for me. I'm still sorting through the fabric and books but have looked at the patterns. The majority seem to be from around the 1970s, not my era at all, but there are a few that I will keep:


There is a chance that I will create the blouse and skirts. I'm intrigued by the trousers. Although the styling of the mens pattern is absolutely appalling, the line drawings for the shirt suggests it has promise.

However, there are many more that I just won't use. The deal for taking this treasure trove of sewing related goodies was anything I don't want must be given away and not end up in the bin/recycling. So, I'm offering you the chance to snap up some of the other patterns. You should know I have only quickly checked the patterns. They all have the original instruction sheets and seem to be complete but I cannot guarantee this. The majority of the patterns seem to have been cut. 

If there is a pattern that you like, leave me a comment below with a contact email so I can get your address. Patterns will be given away on a first comment, first served basis and I'll happily throw in the postage. Anything not snapped by the end of the of the month will go to a charity shop. 

Vogue Patterns 8928, Maternity dress, Size 14 (36-28-38)

Burda 7391, Jacket and Trousers, Size: 8-16, cut at 16

New Look 6280, Jacket and Skirt, Sizes 12-18, cut at 18

Style 2360, Misses' set of blouses, Size 10 (32.5 - 25 - 34.5)

Butterick 3794, Misses' Dress, Size 14 (36-28-38)

Butterick 4644, Jacket, Culottes and Blouse, Size 8 (Bust 31.5)

Style 1497, Lined Wedding or Bridesmaid Dress, Size 16 (38-30-40)

Simplicity 9505, Brides' and Bridesmaids' Dress, Size 16-22, cut at 18 (40-32-42)

Vogue Patterns 1706, Coat, Shorts, Trousers and Top, Size 12 (34-26.5-36)


  1. Wow! The white view C of the Butterick Rimini dress is SO Krystal Carrington from Dynasty! Having said that, with the puff sleeves and shoulder pads omitted, I bet it would look much better. The pleating into the waist is quite nice. I'd be tempted to give it a go.

  2. Are you still running this giveaway? The Misses Set of Blouses look really cute and would help me complete my handmade housewife-wannabe wardrobe! My email is georgia_lloyd [at] msn .com

    Georgia x

  3. I've made this pattern twice but have struggled with the cuff instructions. This post has been really useful. And puts me in mind to make another!

  4. Wow! What talent ~ especially impressive in the years without our modern conveniences ! Thanks for sharing!


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