Friday, 3 April 2015

2015 goals: 3 month update

Wow, I can't believe three months have passed since I announced to the world my personal goals for this year. I promised an update - mainly to keep myself accountable and a few others expressed an interest in hearing how I was progressing. If you don't like these kind of posts, feel free to skip it!


The stats:

Running update photo
Some observations:
  • I'm slightly behind on this target but as it's only 5km I'm not too worried!
  • The cliche "You won't feel worse for going" is true, except for when you haven't rehydrated properly from a night in the pub
  • Getting out three times a week has been challenging and this gets worse when I have not been feeling myself (which has been a lot this month)
  • I'm beginning to consistently win the argument that happens in my head on every run. More and more I am proving that I am in control of my thoughts and actions while running and I am able to dig deep and complete my goal whatever that little voice says
  • Physically I feel better than I probably ever have. I've lost a bit of weight and the size of my tummy has definitely decreased (yay!). I've noticed this mainly through the changing alterations I need to make to patterns
  • Investing in a couple of decent sports bras has been my best decision to date 

Eating well

While I haven't kept a detailed record of everything I've made, I can safely state that I have used three different cookbooks to make four meals a month as I buy the supplies specifically for the chosen recipes and they aren't used for other meals. 

This one has been surprisingly easy to incorporate into everyday life. At the beginning of each month, either Adam or I select the recipes. It doesn't matter how complicated or long it takes to cook - if it sound delicious we will give it go! Those that take longer to prepare tend to happen at the weekend for obvious reasons. I've included links to the books below in case you want to check them out (I don't receive anything for it). 

My favourite meals so far:

The Slow Cook Book: this book has two Jambalaya recipes which I mashed together as I didn't have all of the ingredients for one. Definitely something I will be making again! 
Rachel Allen's Home Cooking: chicken casserole with cheesy herb dumplings and tagliatelle with smoked salmon, watercress and peas - a light and refreshing dish that can be made all year round. 
The Hairy Dieters: every one I have tried! The skinny lasagne is wonderful - you swap the pasta for leeks, homemade muesli with puffed rice really does keep you going until lunchtime, and the cassoulet feels wonderfully indulgent but is more healthy than the original. 


Two books completed, two on the go. 

I'm a lover of fiction but interestingly I've been inclined to read non-fiction recently. This is mostly because I am trying to understand me and depression more. "Reasons to Stay Alive" by Mat Haig has had a profound effect on me. The book covers stats, research and one man's story. It gave me the courage to follow my own path of treatment as well as an understanding that the illness does not define me. It is there currently, and may be again in the future, but it is always smaller than me - it operates within me, not me within it. If you have experienced depression and anxiety, or know someone who has, I highly recommend this book. You will come away with a better understanding. 

"Creative Confidence" by Tom Kelley and David Kelley is the other I have read. This stems from my increasing desire to find out what the common terms I hear at work actually mean. For those of you who don't know, I work at a business school and am constantly surrounded by terms like "lean", "design thinking", "entrepreneurs" and "responsible leadership". The time feels right to go below the basic understanding of what these mean. This book, by the founders of design company IDEO, shows you that everyone can be creative and it doesn't have to be by picking up a paintbrush or a needle. Human centered design is discussed a lot and it is backed up by inspiring stories of individuals who have successfully implemented this - whether it is revolutionising the MRI experience for children or creating the first news app when the iPad launched. 


"The Lean Startup" continues my business education while "Dragon Haven" fulfils my need for magical escapism. Robin Hobb is one of my favourite authors. I adore the Farseer trilogy but have struggled a little with the Rainwild Chronicles - the dragons irritate me a bit. I'll stick with it though - I need to know what happens to the main characters!

How about you? Are you on track for any goals you may have set? 


  1. Lovely to read how you're doing on your goals, and it sounds like you're doing great! I'm impressed by the running in particular as at the moment I find it hard to get the motivation to exercise at all, which is bad because I spend a lot of my time in the car.

    I agree with your thoughts on the Hairy Dieters recipes - I have all three books and every recipe I've tried has been amazing. Our favourites are the chicken casserole and the beef stroganoff.

    I read Matt Haig's book after seeing you recommend it on Twitter (I think) and as someone who has also suffered with depression it does give you a different way of looking at the illness. I remember that feeling that the depression is you, and Matt's writing definitely helps to remind you that you are far more than the illness. By the way, have you read his book "The Humans?" It's a bit strange, but a very lovely book with a lovely message about how wonderful it is to be human. I thoroughly recommend it.

    1. Thanks, Sam. I haven't yet read 'The Humans' but will add it to my list now along with the other recipe books!

  2. Hi, well done you - super impressed! The running can become addictive - interesting you'll probably find your weight goes up as you drop a dress size or two as muscle is heavier than fat. 5k is just one run so I'd say that is negligible in terms of meeting goals. Perhaps you could have a separate strand to your blog for running. I am going to look back and see if I set myself any goals - if I did I can't remember! Looking forward to the 6 month update - good luck and keep it up!

    1. Thank you! I'm expecting my weight to go up and I don't mind that - my main focus is to reduce the amount of body fat I have and it seems to be working at the moment. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Good progress, I am impressed! Taking note of the Matt Haig book. I know a couple of people who struggle off and on with depression, so this might help me understand a bit better. Thank you for sharing. x


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