Saturday, 1 July 2017

Wedding dress - the reveal

Thank you all for sticking with me while I shared the details of how I made my wedding dress. I'm sure this is the post you've been waiting for - how the the dress looked on the day and some wedding photos. Ok, I got carried away and there are lots of photos focussing on the dress. If you want to see more of our day and the venue, visit this post by Gareth, our fabulous photographer who supplied all of the shots below. 

The first sighting of the dress on that glorious day in early May was when Gareth took it for its own short private photo shoot. I had asked him at the beginning to get some photos of it as I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity and thankfully he was game! He took the dress to the Cotton Quarter where our ceremony took place. 

This was the first time that the dress had been hung and, without the security of being on me, I was a little worried that the weight of the skirts would cause it to drop. I temporarily added a couple of ribbons to the bodice, secured with safety pins, to give some extra stability while the dress was on the hanger. 

I couldn't have put the dress on without help and my bridesmaids, Emily and Rachel, came to the rescue. 

After the waist stay and the top button were closed, we all pulled the bodice tightly towards the back to ease the pressure on the invisible zip at the waistline. Rachel closed the buttons on the back while Emily took charge of ensuring the skirt layers laid flat.

It was pretty amazing to be finally wearing it! I was completely amazed by how closely and perfectly Kerry, our florist, had been able to match the roses to my dress. I also want to thank Ellie for the make up and performing a small miracle with my hair which didn't want to stay put. 

Amazingly the dress came through the day unscathed - no tears in the lace and no alcohol stains. Just a few small grass stains from the short walk below. 

This is an even more impressive achievement when you consider the amount of crazy dancing that happened during the party. 

We hired an amazing band, Hipster, who kept our guests entertained with a couple of hours of fabulous live music. I ditched my shoes and bounced around for the whole evening! 

I honestly couldn't be prouder of this make.


  1. All your hard work has definitely paid off, the dress and you in it look beautiful. You should be proud! Congratulations! x

  2. Your dress is stunning and you looked utterly gorgeous!! I think making your own dress is such a huge achievement and it's made your amazing day even more special. Congratulations x

  3. It is absolutely beautiful, stunning! You look gorgeous in your creation, congratulations :-)

  4. Congratulations!! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous, you did a brilliant job.

  5. Congratulations! You did it!! A spectacular finish

  6. So beautiful. Congratulations!

  7. WOW you made your own wedding dress and it looks so georgous! That you can totally be proud of.

  8. Thanks for all your comments on the dress and your congratulations. It's been fabulous sharing this with you.

  9. A gorgeous dress for a gorgeous bride! What a privilege to be part of your special day!!!

  10. Lovely! You looked so beautiful.

    Congratulation! :-)


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