New blog makeover

This morning I want to introduce my blog makeover!

For a fair few months (read at least a year), I have longed for a much fresher and more modern looking blog but have struggled to make blogger work in the way I wanted. Then the site started to mess around with my photos for reasons I couldn't work out and I decided the time was right to make a move. So here we are! A new look which is optimised for all devices. 

I Want To Be A Turtle homepage.png
I Want To Be A Turtle wardrobe gallery.png

While a lot has changed, you'll find everything here that was available in the previous format and I've kept the same fonts and some colours. Many pages have been tidied up and refreshed to have more relevant content. The navigation bar is now at the very top. You'll find the search and archive options in the side bar as well as a sneak peak at my Instagram feed. 

It was a little hard to say goodbye to the turtle that my brother designed a few years ago but I think this new design represents where I've got to now.

Blogger homepage.png
Blogger wardrobe page.png

I hope you enjoy having a mooch around and do let me know what you think. This is my first time designing a site from scratch (luckily without needing to know any code!) and reformatting everything so I would also like to know if you encounter any broken links or photos that don't load. I think I have caught them all but you never know when dealing with over 200 posts!