So long, 2018

Dear 2018,

I'm currently enjoying a few more days of leave before I go back to work and routine. I'm spending this time quietly, taking stock before other activities demand my attention. As is natural with endings and new beginnings, reflection creeps in. I've been pondering what type of year you were. 

Photo 23-06-2018, 21 46 35.jpg

Frankly, you were intense. We underwent a huge amount of change. Together we finally explored and tackled issues which I felt were continuing to adversely affect my quality of life. You helped me to face up to deep seated fears and truths I had been avoiding for years. You left me on my knees, drained to the verge of exhaustion. Pressing pause on my goals, creating, and even exercising, gave me much needed space and took away distractions. It led to revelations, letting go, and rediscovery. I feel lighter, more content, more resilient, able to sit much more comfortably with myself. The impact of these changes have yet to be fully revealed but I'm seeing and experiencing a positive change in my relationships, work, my approach to life, and my self worth. Self-detrimental behaviours and habits are beginning to disappear. While you and I will be the only ones to know the details, it felt important to mark this publicly as I have previously done. I'm enormously grateful for everything you have given me throughout the year. A special mention and thank you to Adam whose unwavering support and space helped to make this possible. It means the world to me.   

So farewell, friend, and thank you. 

Claire x