Magpie Collection reveal

Do you remember the outfits I made for the Magpie hair collection last year? Well, I can finally share the photos!

I'm really pleased with how they have come out. While you can't see the whole outfit in any of the photos, the key details are captured. I won't go into the details of the construction as you find that in the posts from last year (first and second). 

Magpie reveal 2.jpeg

The simplicity of this outfit has been captured beautifully. It is completely black in order to keep the emphasis on the model's blonde hair. When I first heard that we had a blonde model I was unsure how it would work but work it did with the differing tones in the hair and the curves of the make up. 

Magpie reveal.jpeg

This was my favourite outfit to make and I'm thrilled at how well the blue has come out in this photo. You can see a lot of the detail in the lace too. While you can't see the full circle skirt you can still sense that this is a Victorian Gothic inspired dress. 

Magpie reveal 3.jpeg

I'm really happy that this top looks straight in the photo. I spent so long trying to get the lines even between shots that I was convinced they would look off in the photos! I think this is the hair-outfit combination that works best. I love how the sharp lines of the hair match the lines of the top and the way the green and blue hues compete for attention with the white stripe reminds me of the folded wings of a Magpie. 

Making the outfits and attending the shoot was great fun. I learnt a lot on the set - there is so much more to think about than I originally thought. Although it took a while to put the outfits together, I could potentially be persuaded to do it again! How about you - would you create, or have you created, an outfit for a photo shoot? 


Hair: Andreea Dumitru hair design

Make up: Lilian Komor Makeup

Photography: Nicola Belson