Completed: Anise Jacket

Earlier this month I signed up for the Indie pattern sewalong hosted by Modern Vintage Cupcakes and the Curious Kiwi. I had originally intended to make two, yes two, Colette Peonies. I can normally make Colette patterns out of the packet with some grading out between the bust and the waist, and grading in from the waist to the hips. I made my usual changes and cut out the fabric. Guess what. The bodice doesn't fit. That will teach me not to make a toile of the bodice at the very least. 

Indie pattern month

Instead of wrestling with it I decided to put it away for another day and promptly decided to turn to another pattern from my 20:20 challenge *I will keep on track*. As I was putting away my purchases from the Birmingham meet up the navy suiting spoke to me. "I would make a great, lightweight Anise" it whispered. I was sure that I couldn't finish in time and looked for something else but all I could think about was a navy blue Anise, so I caved in and traced the pattern. 

Colette Patterns Anise Jacket 6.jpg

Learning from my previous mistake, I made a toile. I'm pleased I did. My standard changes were too big as I've managed to lose half an inch around my waist meaning I have dropped a size. I really enjoyed making this jacket. I decided to take my time and to put a lot of work into the preparation. I get tempted to take shortcuts now and then when I want something to come together quickly but I consciously stopped myself cutting corners. I think it is the influence of my pattern drafting course coming through. The whole thing took just over a week as I steadily made progress each day. 

Colette Patterns Anise Jacket 5.jpg

As with all the Colette patterns I have tried, it came together very easily even though it has a lot of pieces! I did feel that I was taken back to creating my Lady Grey as the jacket has three layers - fashion fabric, underlining and lining as well as interfacing. I had some horsehair canvas left over and used that as my interfacing and a cotton sheet became the underlining. I did have some problems though. The back bunches up a little, probably because I have a slight sway back but not enough to normally make changes. The collar refused to lay properly where it should and I had to sew it twice and press the hell out of where it joins the jacket before it looked vaguely wearable. My welt pockets aren't perfect but a very good attempt for a first time. I also had trouble setting the lining on one sleeve, it kept twisting as I stitched until I couldn't get my arm in! This meant additional hand sewing. There is a lot of hand sewing to make this jacket. I do love the finish of hand stitching but it a time stealer.

Colette Patterns Anise Jacket.jpeg

Speaking of sleeves, I changed the lining for them. My lining is made from a cotton with blue flowers that have a vintage feel that has been in my stash for ages. I needed something more slippery though to get my arms in and out easily. Out of my scraps I managed to find some pink polyester lining. I generally hate the feel of this lining, added to the fact it isn't breathable, and it doesn't make for a great relationship but this was the only thing I had to hand. I didn't want the pink to show at the cuffs so I chopped the pattern and made the lower part of the sleeve lining from the cotton. It works perfectly and if I ever fold my cuffs over (which is so likely to happen), you can see the pretty blue flowers!

Colette Patterns Anise Jacket 2.jpeg

I couldn't be bothered didn't have time to make bound buttonholes but normal ones work well. I got these amazing buttons from Darn It and Stitch. Thanks Jo and Laura for talking me into getting them! 

Colette Patterns Anise Jacket 3.jpeg

Earlier today I took my new jacket for a day out. We went to the British Grand Prix and this is the reason I look sunburnt in the photos - I am. I'll be truthful, Formula 1 isn't really my thing (it entered my life three and half years ago when I met Adam) but going to see a live race is great! It was my second and we were closer to the action this time meaning the noise levels were almost deafening. For those of you who have not been to a race, the noise of 22 F1 cars is like standing very close to about 20 pneumatic drills that are working very quickly with a range of pitch while standing in a wind tunnel. It is a great sound though! Here's a picture taken at the end of the day. It was way too hot to wear the jacket (hello summer!) but I popped it on for a couple of photos.

Colette Patterns Anise Jacket 4.jpeg

I have no idea who the random people are in the background and I promised I am not superimposed!