Late to the Party Anna dress

I’m late to the party again. But hopefully, fashionably late. This is my first Anna and she wasn’t part of my sewing plans. When byhandlondon realised her as a pdf it was about five days before their party in London I wondered "can I make an Anna in just five evenings?" Well, there was only one way to find out!

By Hand London Anna Dress.jpg

I figured if I could get the fit worked out in the first evening, it might just be possible. I quickly taped together the pdf. It goes together very easily and there is little wasted paper. It only comes in the midi version which was perfect for this make. Instructions are included for making the maxi skirt though.

By Hand London Anna Dress 6.JPG

I had to think for a while about which size to make. I knew I would have to grade out for my waist but I fell right between two sizes all over. Erring on the side of caution I made the bigger one for my toile. It fit well across my waist and back but there was so much excess across my chest and into the sleeves. I started to pin it in when I remembered Kelly’s fitting experiences. This was a great time saver. I made another toile which was a smaller size at the shoulders and bust. Most of the excess fabric disappeared. You can see that the fit isn’t quite right - the neckline is a little too big and the dress slips to one side a little. It isn’t too big a deal though.

By Hand London Anna Dress 5.jpg

I knew I wanted a dress that would go from day to night and I think I have achieved that. It is a smart dress for the office that works well for going out after work. Also perfect for a weekend evening meal out. 

I went stash shopping and pulled out this fabric that I picked up at Goldhawk Road a couple of years ago. Unsurprisingly, I just couldn’t resist the bright blue flowers. I’m not fully certain what fabric it is but it has a lovely drape, is as silky as it looks on the outside and is matt on the inside. One of the benefits about sewing this in the evening is seeing the fabric in artificial light. Turns out it is a little transparent and you would definitely be able to see everything underneath in bright light! I should have lined the dress but opted to buy a slip instead. Don’t judge me - I was on a time limit!

By Hand London Anna Dress 4.jpg

I got the full dress out of 2m of fabric and decided that pattern matching didn’t matter that much. I’m not even sorry for that decision, although I will say I’m pleased that there is almost a full flower on the centre back - complete fluke. Oh, can I show you the zip please? It is my best invisible zip to date! I didn’t change the way I inserted it but for some reason it just clicked. Or maybe it was the fact I was determined to make it work with a £4 zip! Needless to say I won't be going back to that shop for a zip.

By Hand London Anna Dress 2.jpg

I finished the neckline, sleeves and hem with bias tape turned to the inside and hand stitched in place. Yep, somehow I found the time to hand stitch although I thought I would become permanently crossed eyed. I did wonder if the hem would be a little too rigid but I think it is ok. What do you think of the length of the dress? It has caused a fair bit of discussion between me and Adam... I think I was trying to show the swish of the skirt in this picture.

By Hand London Anna Dress 3.jpg

I've worn this dress twice and loved it both times. I can definitely see this getting a lot of wear and it certainly won't be my last Anna.