20:20 Challenge: How I'm getting on

You may have seen that earlier this year I set myself a challenge. Dubbed my 20:20 challenge the plan is to make twenty individual items from twenty different patterns. I'm now almost midway through and thought it was time to check progress. I haven't really been keeping a log of items made except that I know I need to make two items a month. 

I started off with twelve chosen patterns with eight spare "slots" as I knew I would find some along the way and would want to buy patterns as they were released. And I have! I now have just two more to choose. I added the Sorbetto, the Miette and the Victoria Blazer. I also have my self-drafted pattern. 

How many have I made then? Nine, just one short of my target for half way. I'm pleased that I have managed to stay on track so far. I couldn't resist sharing again the photos of the completed items! Unfortunately I don't have photos for my Miette or the Sorbettos (yes, plural) yet but they will come soon. 

Deer and Doe Reglisse.jpg
Me Made May 2013 week 4.jpg
Sewaholic Alma Blouse.jpg
Me Made May 2013 week 4 3.jpg
Tilly and the Buttons Mathilde blouse.jpg
Colette Patterns Laurel Dress 3.jpg
Colette Patterns Anise Jacket 6.jpg


Some of you will remember I promised at least half of them will not be blue, black or pink. I'm still comfortably within this, with six being those colours. The fact that I have been selective with which Sorbetto to include helps with this a bit. Is that cheating? I don't think so as I set my own rules here! Which means you can probably guess what colour the Miette is. 

Three patterns are work in progress. The Peony, which I haven't looked at since I noticed the fitting issues, my self drafted dress and the Thurlow shorts for which I'm going to stay toile number 3 this weekend. I'm hopeful this will be the last one. 

I've noticed that, in typical fashion, I have completed the easier projects at the beginning. I'm convinced this will come back to bite me as I attempt to complete two more complicated patterns a month. Oh well, I learn the hard way! 

What about you? Did you set yourself a goal this year? If so, how are you getting on?

Me Made May '13 Round up

Before I start I wanted to say thank you for all the helpful comments on my last post. I've yet to try them out but will do soon. 

Around the blogsphere Me Made May round ups are starting to take place so I thought it was time for my first. My pledge was to wear something made by me for five days a week, to make two new items and repair at least one. I have just finished a new project but you will need to wait until the middle of the week for more on it. Before I start with my items, have you seen the Flickr group yet? SO MANY people and SO MANY amazing outfits. It is taking up a lot of my time working through the photos but I just can't help myself! 

Day 1

Me Made May 2013 week 1.jpeg

I wore one of my Ginger skirts. I love this pattern, it is so comfortable and really flattering. I don't normally like high waisted skits or trousers but this one changed my mind. Although as you can see from the photo I am unlikely to show off the waistband (some kind of weird hangup about my stomach that I am working on!) I'm not sure what the fabric is, it is a mix. The pink is definitely elastic but what the purple is, I have no idea! I made it with flat felled seams. 

Day 2

Me Made May 2013 week 1 2.jpeg

My first Alma. I generally make a toile of everything I wear because something is normally slightly off. But not so with the Alma and this has become a wearable toile and a staple in my wardrobe. The fabric is left over from a dress I made a few years ago but couldn't wear (I didn't really know what I was doing then!). The zip isn't right but it is under my arm so no one can tell! There is photographic evidence of me in this but the photo is awful so you'll have to make do with seeing it on the hanger! 

Day 3

Me Made May 2013 week 1 3.jpeg

The theme for this Friday was water. I had the perfect plan of going to the canal near work and persuading a colleague to take a photo and then I realised I had the day off. So my Mathilde came to the rescue. Submarines and seaweed was the closest I was going to get! 

If you're taking part, how are you getting on?

Completed: Submarine Mathilde

When I first saw Tilly’s Button-Back blouse as it was known then, I knew I wanted something similar. In, what for me is classic fashion, I got side tracked by dresses and skirts and didn't do anything about finding a top that was similar for many months. Then Tilly released the pattern to the delight of everyone. Here is my finished version.

Tilly and the Buttons Mathilde blouse.jpg

I have no doubt that I am echoing the words of many when I tell you that this pattern is absolute dream to work with. The actual pattern is easy to assemble, providing you follow advice on how to print it correctly (I didn't on the first page) and the instructions are very clear. I love the check boxes next to each step – it appeals to the list maker within me. It is a satisfying feeling when you add the next tick, I feel like I am always making progress when that happens!

Once you get past the pleats and remember how to make French seams (if using), this comes together very quickly. That reminds me. Have you seen Tilly’s detailed, and I mean detailed, step by step tutorials? They are a fantastic resource and I used the one for the pleats.  It was my first time creating them and I wanted to check that my instincts were right. Turns out they were. I’m rather pleased I went for cotton and not a slippery fabric to begin with.

Tilly and the Buttons blouse 3.jpg

Am I happy with my version? Absolutely. Trying to get gatherings to look similar at the top of sleeves is always a challenge for me but I've actually managed it this time!  I normally wear more fitted tops and was a little unsure about the loose fitting but those doubts are long gone. I have spent most of yesterday just admiring the sleeves out of the corner of my eye. I do love that there is a lot of volume in them. Generally you won’t see me in prints like this often but that may change now. There is one thing I would alter though and that is the position of the top button as the top right corner does stand away from the back a little but it isn't a big deal. I also realised that I have the perfect shoes to match this top - my red Poetic LicenceBacklash shoes. The ribbon is not too far away from my fabric. I missed out on the pale blue version (*sob*) but they now have some with polka dots! Check out these! Anyway, I digress.

Tilly and the Buttons blouse 2.jpg

One other thing, I might also see what taking it in a smidge at the hips does. I have narrow hips and it feels a little big at the bottom and in the strongish winds we've had here, this is where I am feeling it. Saying that, there will definitely be more Mathilde’s in my wardrobe and I’m on the hunt for fabric to make the next one. Have you got your hands on one of these yet?

New Project!

I'm really excited about my next project. I have a lack of tops in my wardrobe that I can wear at home or at work. It seems to be something I have struggled with for years and I've had enough! I don't want to continually scratch my head in the morning searching for something to wear. So I resolved to make more tops this year.  I've made a couple already and I'll share them soon. But in the meantime I've opted for the Mathilde blouse by Tilly

Mathilde pattern and fabric.JPG

Here's my fabric

Mathilde fabric.JPG

My pattern is assembled and my fabric is being washed as I type. I cannot wait to get started although a weekend of social plans may mean I have to push the pause button on my excitement for a short while but you can be sure I will doing as much as I can. Oh, and I need to find buttons, I'm debating between red or yellow. What would you go for?