Me Made May 13 - Week 2

Work has been a bit crazy this week and I found it rather draining but I did manage to keep up my pledge to MMM. I also had a great tonic in a weekend away and managed to pack appropriately for the challenge and reach five me made items this week. This is a slightly longer post that includes some items from last week. You'll notice that I have swapped some photos again as I don't like the ones I uploaded to Flickr! 

May 6th

Deer and Doe Reglisse.jpg

My Reglisse dress. I won't bore you with the details again but I still love it! 

May 7th

Me Made May 2013 week 2 4.jpeg

My aubergine Ginger skirt. This one is slightly longer than the purply pink once. It is finished with two trims of pink bias. The zip went in well. It is made from medium-heavy cotton with flat felled seams. 

May 8th

Sewaholic Alma Blouse.jpg

My flowery Alma. Details here

May 9th

Me Made May 2013 week 2 5.jpeg

Green Taffy from the Colette book. I love this pattern and when I found some green silk in a shop on Goldhawk Road I knew it would be perfect! I'm reasonably happy with the fit although the neck is a little too wide. I finished it with a pink trim made from an old bed cover. I need to redo the trim as it is coming away in places. French seams throughout. 

May 10th

Me Made May 2013 week 2.jpeg

McCall's 2401. Please excuse the cheesy grin - it was Friday and I was leaving work early which made me very happy! Huge thanks to everyone who made suggestions on what to do with this dress. I tried it with the belt and felt some shape come to it. I then took off 2.5 inches from the length so it hits above my knee. I feel sooooo much better in it. I need to find a better belt (this one is old and starting to fall apart) and perhaps play around with the sleeves a bit to see if I can make it even better. Either way I'm less likely to pass over it now - yay! 

May 11th

Me Made May 2013 week 2 2.jpeg

I realised last week that I didn't have a good number of tops that match my separates. As I was browsing online fabric shops I found this Liberty Lawn from Fabrics Galore and had to buy it. Four days later I had this top. This is the Laurel with a bit of length added. I wasn't sure about the original sleeves, I thought the fabric needed something a little more delicate so I opted for the sleeves from the Alma. They turned out beautifully, if a little like wings. I completed this top on Thursday evening. Work had got to me that day and I had A LOT of almost angry energy that had to be channeled into something creative and productive. Not too bad a result I think! 

May 12th

Me Made May 2013 week 2 3.jpeg

I travelled back to Oxford today and it was a little windy! My trusty Lady Grey kept me warm. 

Phew! That's quite a few items there. 

A dilemma

If you're taking part in Me Made May then you've probably been getting ready for the month ahead. I've busy making sure all my items are freshly washed and ready to wear. I have managed to avoid temptation and kept to my 20:20 plan instead of panic sewing. This hasn't been easy as I know that I have holes in my wardrobe and have spotted some already but that is one of the reasons I signed up - to spot the actual gaps not just perceived ones. 

Anyway, while checking my hand made items I came across the dress I made on a course. It is McCall's 2401, made from quilting fabric (the only fabric I could get my hands on as I got a place at short notice), is nicely finished and the fit is still pretty good (I have lost a little weight since completing it). I have worn it just once since finishing and I didn't like it. It seems a shame for it to languish on the hanger so I thought I would give it another go and wore it yesterday to see if it could feature in the month somehow. 

McCalls 2401 2.jpg

And the problem remains. I am just not feeling it. It makes me feel slightly frumpy, older than I am and I am much more conscious of myself in it. Not a good feeling! And it is how you feel that counts right? I can't work out if it just the length and I should take it up a few inches. Or if I find the print too much for a dress. Or what it is.

McCalls 2401.JPG

So, please help me. Should I take it up? Make a separate from it? I could see a top or a skirt, although I don't think I have enough fabric for both unless I add a waistband. Or do something else? Here is a close up of the fabric, see why I think it could be the print?

McCalls 2401 3.JPG

All ideas welcome. Leaving it as it is isn't really an option as I can't see me wearing it again. If I don't do anything I can see it landing in the bag destined for the charity shop.