Stash Star Fabric app: a review

Could you tell me what's in your stash? How about how much of each piece? Nope, me neither. 

Organisation of all sewing related items has been a persistent problem for me and only gets worse as my fabric (and pattern) stash grows. Is this a familiar problem?

I needed to find a solution to recording my fabric stash and as I was browsing the Apple App Store, I came across a free app called Stash Star Fabric. I've included a number of photos so you can get a feel for the app. 

File 10-09-2017, 20 03 09.png

The app is rather basic and consists of two pages. The home page details your stash in photos. The other pages are for each individual piece of fabric. The fabric specific page allows you to record the name, colour, pattern size, fabric measurements in metric and imperial, fiber content, the details of where you purchased it, designer and manufacturer details, where it is stored and any notes you want to include. 

File 10-09-2017, 20 03 35.png
File 10-09-2017, 20 03 56.png

You can add a photo at the top which is displayed in the home page. If you find that the fiber, type of fabric, or measurement, is missing from the list provided, you can add it. You can choose your favourite or most regularly used fabric widths and fiber on the menus. 

File 10-09-2017, 20 04 11.png
File 10-09-2017, 20 04 23.png

Adding the details in the fabric pages allows you to group your fabrics. This is useful if you want to know only the cottons in your collection, or those that are 140cm wide. The location box is especially useful as my stash is split across a couple of wooden storage boxes and I can never remember which one to look in. The layout is pretty clean and uncluttered with the information in two columns. 

File 10-09-2017, 20 04 36.png

There's a small number of issues with this app though. It has constant adverts at the bottom - this is annoying but to be expected with a free app. I can generally ignore them and haven't yet accidentally clicked on them. It also doesn't remember what measurement type you use to record the length of the fabric. I've listed my fabric in metric and have to choose this option every time I add a fabric but still, it isn't too bad and doesn't take much time to hit 'm' instead of 'yds'! It is also only available on Apple. 

My entire stash has been added and it is so much easier to plan projects now. I will no longer be found pulling out fabric only to find that I can't fit all the pattern pieces on it! While it is a very basic app, it has everything I need. I now add new fabrics as they arrive and before they go into washing basket with a note that it hasn't yet been pre washed. I can see myself continuing to use this for some time. 

I'm always interested in new options for staying organised so please do share your preferred way of keeping track of your stash.