Newsboy cap

Two things happened this week. First, I want to be a turtle became a .com! I bought the domain name a few months ago and it seemed silly not to use it. Second, I decided to make a hat. I've mentioned elsewhere how this is a big thing for me as I don't normally like wearing hats. However the cold weather is kicking in meaning my ears are getting very cold on the walk to work and the wind and moisture levels in the air give me frizzy hair. A hat seemed the obvious solution. 

Newsboy hat 2.jpg

I knew I wanted a cap of some sort and looked around for a decent newsboy pattern. I came across this one on Craftsy. It is fully reversible although you can't really use two thick fabrics because of the bulk at the seams.  My hat is completely made from scraps. The wool is leftover from my Lady Grey coat and the lining from my Beehive Victoria Blazer. You need lightweight interfacing for the cap and heavyweight for the brim. I didn't have any heavyweight so settled for a thick cotton.

Newsboy hat 4.JPG

The pieces are all sewn using a 1/4" seam. The cap is made from six pieces and each seam is topstitched. The band attaches easily, in the same way you would finish bias binding. The trickiest part is placing the brim properly but that can easily be taken care of with a tiny notch in the band once it is attached. 

The bottom rim is topstitched in place stopping just alongside of the brim. 

Newsboy hat.jpg

It is such a simple project, taking about 90 minutes from cutting out to completion at a leisurely pace. I love the fit. I have worn it a few times now and I'm feeling much less self-conscious in it, plus my ears are staying warm! 

I've already got plans to make a few more.

Newsboy hat 3.jpg

This project takes me within touching distance of my 20:20 challenge - just three more to go before the new year. That's doable right?